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deviation in storage by K0R2N3H
This is my picture collection! It's like a scrapbook except I forget what all I've faved since I've first started here...
  • Mood: Thanks
Hey folks!

I know I haven't updated in a few months, mea maxima culpa.

At any rate I've been a member of dA for nine years as of today, so I thought it fitting that I at least update today. Nine years, oi vei, has it been that long? Yes. Yes it has. What a journey! My art's improved since I've started and I never thought it I'd make it this far when I first started out. Strange times, strange times indeed.

Many things are in the works but I'm not sure I want to talk about them right now so I'll update when things are more solidified and stable and finished and so on

Various art things slowly getting done, though I keep procrastinating on my portfolio, I should stop doing that… soon, I hope. Soon. I think Monday after work and whatnot I'll start in again on that with renewed zeal or something. That sounds good.

I think that's all for now, I've been doing a lot of things in the background but not a lot to report, rather infuriating...

Alright, SEM out, later days!

My tumblog, SEM Rambles Here:

On the slab:
1. Paperwork
2. Botanic Illustration Portfolio
3. Books

My sister: :iconmusesnuzie:


Teela-B's Profile Picture
United States
I've got a bachelor's in geology and I'm certified in botanical illustration. I'm working on my master's in museum studies and I'd like to be a museum curator one day.


Arrum's Family by Teela-B
Arrum's Family

The other night I worked on Arrum’s Parents Designs because I’ve been meaning to doooooo and that I’ve doodling in classes lately, so

Also sort of fixed Arrum’s ears since I’ve been wanting to better delineate fantasy race ears in my drawings (BIG EARS FOR EVERYONE SEM NO) and based Orc design stuff off of the Monster Manual but III’mmmm still leery of stuff but I guess Arrum’s Dad is kinda a weird Orc anyway

Arrum’s Mom met Arrum’s Dad during a time when she was kept at a monastery for safekeeping due to encroaching battles of… some… sort… and her husband was off fighting for a few years. Arrum’s Dad, like I said, is kinda a weird Orc and at the time was working as sort of a gardener/landscaper/he’s this laconic dude who keeps to himself and doesn’t seem to actively wish us harm and likes to plant things and sometimes uproots trees so we kinda just let him do his thing guy. Arrum’s Mom being a statuesque woman of 6’1” and a curious woman ended up wondering what an Orc was doing on his own being a gardener of sorts, taught herself Orcish from the monastery’s library in her copious free time because let’s face it there’s not a lot to do, and romanced the damn Orc herself. He ended up continuing wandering, she stayed at the monastery because hey, curiosity sated.

Enter Arrum, the world’s best poorly-kept court secret (Worst worst best-kept court secret?). You can read more about Arrum here.

Arrum’s Mom’s colors inspired by PLUMS AND WHEAT and because I wanted some nod’s to Arrum’s colors in there, Arrum’s Dad mostly inspired by lichen I think.

Also I gave them each a flower/plant/thing (and Arrum a new one to hold), which are Tuberose (Dangerous Pleasures), Rye (Changeable Disposition), and Milkwort (Hermitage, which seemed appropriate) haha I’m a dork who likes flowers so sue meeeeeee

Designs © SEM

Malali and Gudrun by Teela-B
Malali and Gudrun

Malali the Tiefling Bard and Gudrun, (Unwilling) Cleric of Lathander; Girlfriends

Unsure about these poses but I also tried and sometimes that’s what counts? Trying to improve. Just trying to improve.

Characters © SEM

Crab Ladies colored by Teela-B
Crab Ladies colored
I colored the crab ladies because I could

I should work on stats for them really...
3 Crab Ladies by Teela-B
3 Crab Ladies

I’ve been fiddling with my crab lady species for Traveller Decided to just go “fuck it I’m drawing the two I have in mind” 

"Crab lady" being used loosely they have segmented skeletons and I heavily referenced crabs but like… brain cases inspired by cephalopods and their teeth are based off of Dunkleosteus and they have a bit of skin on their heads and neck but it’s the same sort of tissue as the connecting joint tissue…? That’s how I’m explaining it hahaha. Also tails because I rolled up this species and they have prehensile tails and hey when you have a like crab lady species thing that lives in frozen wastes it’s… hard to work that in. Sure. Okay dice.

They reproduce via parthenogenesis and there’s like… two distinctish sexes but both are still female. Also on crab planet there’s a bunch of cultures, and then how each crab lady reacts with human culture is their own thing… yeah. They’re slightly taller than humans though not really ever in excess of 2m but don’t be deceived for they are incredibly strong (in game terms: as a human you roll two dice for strength. They roll 6). In the dominant culture on their world there’s some social differences between the sexes, generally with the smaller ones being in a lower social standing, but this is a rule of thumb and not hard and fast like most things.

The first drawing is just an example of anatomy and stuff wheee she’s so excited about hands

I need to actually roll up stats but the slighter one (second sketch) is a diplomat of some sort in human space and tends to wear human clothing more and doesn’t smile with her mouth open because this tends to weird humans out. She’s probably on the shorter side for her species but closer to average human height. She likes the company of humans and truth be told probably prefers their company on the whole, but she wouldn’t admit this for a number of reasons. For now, she travels.

The larger one is inspired by a decorator crab and so that’s not hair but like… a kelp-inspired idea on her brain case. Not real kelp because space but something that looks like it. On her upper arms are barnacle-like things and spikes that she’s also attached to her body. The culture she’s from is very much into shell modification and though she works in space with humans she tends to keep a lot of her cultural tendencies and keep to herself. Occasionally she puts on a vest if absolutely demanded of her.

I have no idea if these crab ladies work together but maybe…? Haha not sure. CRAB LADIES.

Crab lady design by SEM
Birel's Sun elf by Teela-B
Birel's Sun elf

Throws colors at and is not sure about them

Also needs more armor but I got lazy so I guess she’s just… half out of armor

The sun elf whom Birel loved



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