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I draw what I draw what I draw.

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This is my picture collection! It's like a scrapbook except I forget what all I've faved since I've first started here...
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Hi folks!

Hahaha sorry I haven't like... updated this journal since last June... mea maxima culpa...

I've been doing my Masters in Museum Studies, the courses are over so all I have left are an essay that's due Thursday (for me) since I'm leaving Friday for a three-week vacation in the States, then the dissertation and a work placement back in the UK

I'll be at ECCC, though only on the Sunday. If you're going to be there, drop me a line, we can meet up!

Otherwise uh... I haven't been doing a lot of art lately, just idle doodles, I'd like to finish something, but no idea when that'll happen, sorry.

SEM out, later days!
My tumblog, SEM Rambles Here:

On the slab:
1. Essay
2. Everything else???

My sister: :iconmusesnuzie:


Teela-B's Profile Picture
United States
I've got a bachelor's in geology and I'm certified in botanical illustration. I'm working on my master's in museum studies and I'd like to be a museum curator one day.


Inktober Collection 2015 by Teela-B
Inktober Collection 2015
I tried Inktober this year but I've hit a rut so I only got about 17 done (if you want captions, here's the link to my Inktober tag)

I don't see myself drawing much of anything for a little while, so here's what I've drawn lately. Both digital and traditional inking

Hope you all have a happy Halloween
Lego people 3 by Teela-B
Lego people 3

Lego People One | Lego People Two | Lego People Three!


Works for the Stultifera Navis’ space program (yes it has a space program). I’m still getting a “worked at Los Alamos” feel from Wilhelm. Definitely an irradiated corpse who has probably died but whose body hasn’t stopped working yet. I also like the idea of him being like... some like old prospector who died and then became an irradiated corpse and decided “eh fuck it, science it is.” He falls under the Weird Shit category like Headless Joe, of “who knows why these folks are the way they are but they’re here, so.” He has remarkable little patience for someone who is probably like... 200ish years old at this point.


Efua deals in soundwaves and cybernetics, and pretty much uses them to hold concerts. Because she can. Sure she’s like a child prodigy when it comes to scientific research but she’s really more into rocking out and having a good time being a pop sensation. Buuuut she occasionally retreats to the Stultifera Navis for some peace and quiet (what little there is to be had there).


Zhi is a non-permanent fixture at the Stultifera Navis, who helped to build the ship in its original form. She’s everyone’s fun Wine Aunt who is a blast to be around but only visits on holidays and special occasions. Old friend of Rita’s, but has come to watch over the younger members like they were her own. Well, her own niblings. They’re not actually her responsibility. But hey if she’s in town she’ll listen to problems and stuff.

Evening Moon Sketch by Teela-B
Evening Moon Sketch
Working on a silly piece of art but it's like the most I've drawn in forever an I want to make it a watercolor so we'll see what happens

Life is super up in the air right now hopefully I'll update later

Sketch by SEM
Enialis Card by Teela-B
Enialis Card

I just want to call this done for now honestly so I might

Enialis Siannodel, Innil, moon elf arcane trickster rogue person, worshipper of Sehanine Moonbow

1/16 if I ever do the rest I’ll probably do the rest who knows what I’m doing haha I don’t (I have actually started on Inzhu’s a while back so I mean… it’s… it’s happening… probably)

Old old art projects dum de dum

Enialis © SEM

Jump Kiss OTP by Teela-B
Jump Kiss OTP
I made some silly purchases today (… ) and so here's some fluffy art of my OTP those two are related

I'm pretty tired so just hair color, sorry

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