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I draw what I draw what I draw.

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deviation in storage by goofoofighter
deviation in storage by Spectrolite
This is my picture collection! It's like a scrapbook except I forget what all I've faved since I've first started here...
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Hi folks!

Hahaha sorry I haven't like... updated this journal since last June... mea maxima culpa...

I've been doing my Masters in Museum Studies, the courses are over so all I have left are an essay that's due Thursday (for me) since I'm leaving Friday for a three-week vacation in the States, then the dissertation and a work placement back in the UK

I'll be at ECCC, though only on the Sunday. If you're going to be there, drop me a line, we can meet up!

Otherwise uh... I haven't been doing a lot of art lately, just idle doodles, I'd like to finish something, but no idea when that'll happen, sorry.

SEM out, later days!
My tumblog, SEM Rambles Here:

On the slab:
1. Essay
2. Everything else???

My sister: :iconmusesnuzie:


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United States
I've got a bachelor's in geology and I'm certified in botanical illustration. I'm working on my master's in museum studies and I'd like to be a museum curator one day.


Enialis Card by Teela-B
Enialis Card

I just want to call this done for now honestly so I might

Enialis Siannodel, Innil, moon elf arcane trickster rogue person, worshipper of Sehanine Moonbow

1/16 if I ever do the rest I’ll probably do the rest who knows what I’m doing haha I don’t (I have actually started on Inzhu’s a while back so I mean… it’s… it’s happening… probably)

Old old art projects dum de dum

Enialis © SEM

Jump Kiss OTP by Teela-B
Jump Kiss OTP
I made some silly purchases today (… ) and so here's some fluffy art of my OTP those two are related

I'm pretty tired so just hair color, sorry
Belated Gift for Friend by Teela-B
Belated Gift for Friend
Here is a super belated gift for a friend of mine of his old Star Wars LARP character (the Feeorin named Shodan Law) and his mercenary girlfriend The Crimson Lady. They’re just chilling while he tweaks his bionic arm, as you do
Doodles as of 7 May 2015 by Teela-B
Doodles as of 7 May 2015
I... have a lot of doodles... sorry

First is a large piece I'm working on to prove to myself that I can still do large pieces... so there's the sketch and value study and color test and stuff haha...

Uuummmm next to it are my Starbound characters and their pets

A sketch of Alex and Ariel

Beneath that some costume work and stuff

Mica, an old Firefly fan character quickly sketched and inked in B&W one day

Utena sketched in B&W one day

A forest spirit quickly sketched in color, inspired by a blackbuck

Gambit because a friend challenged me to draw Gambit (his face is inspired by Christian Kane because I still think he'd make a great Gambit)

Me, Ian, and Dogmeat from Fallout

The Crystal Gems group dancing to form Alexandrite because why not, inspired by Botticelli and Matisse

The cast of KOTOR in a wild west AU because of a thing from Tumblr (more info here:… and… )

My cats as people (red sketch)

Crab ladies, my Traveller species, interacting. I need... to give that species a better name...

Lots of Guild Wars 2 sketches, including when I found goggles and a dude's random charr called her pretty, mesmer!SEM thinking that she can't not fuck Doern, some shit with my characters and Gritch and Dollwife who needs to be made canon, Thekka Thessem and Rhea, some mesmer!SEM shit, Motdolen and the white stag, Idris in some holy fire

DnD stuff including Kitrhi and Oorr hatching A MASTER PLAN, Koori Wordpainter (a goliath whom Aukun left behind when he went to die in the woods), Not Your Business Jones who is chibiwonder's character, and then my four new DnD characters in that card thing I'm definitely still doing ahaha no no I'm not but let's pretend

So many sketches mea culpa
Ship of Fools 2 by Teela-B
Ship of Fools 2

So sometimes I make Lego People and they more or less all reside on the Stultifera Navis. You can see and read about those Lego People here. Here’s 3 new ones! Let’s read how they’re connected to this Ship of Fools.


Kealoha makes power crystals. This doesn’t explain the green splotches on her lab coat… or perhaps it does. No one but Nergüi is entirely sure of her process for making power crystals, nor why she wears one in her hair, but she’s very good at it. If the Stultifera Navis ever leaves dry dock it’ll probably run on them, these mysterious pink crystals. She gets along well with Nergüi, but tends to steer clear of the rest of the crew. She can’t stand Aram, which Nergüi agrees with on alternating Tuesdays. She’s on the mad side of “mad science” but it’s hard to argue that she doesn’t produce results. And it seems that she is, on the whole, harmless. At least so far as anyone can prove.


Janellys lives on [REDACTED] in the Caribbean where the Stultifera Navis has been dry docked for a little while for reasons beyond the ken of everyone except Rita, Tavish, and perhaps Nergüi (but it’s hard to discern what she knows). Janellys, being the top-notch investigative journalist that she is, wants to know why. Problem is she can’t seem to get a straight answer out of anyone, not from the jittery local cop she’s seen hanging around the ship (she’s noted his change from black coffee to what is practically milk that may have seen some coffee beans) to the actual lookout she’s seen in town trying to pick up local woman (does he do anything else than tan and strike out she’s wondered). She’s made it on the ship a couple times but things on the inside seem to change every time. Something is up. Something is definitely up.


Almas is a witch. They’re also pretty young, probably being about 15. They speak Arabic as well as English (and maybe other languages), but haven’t disclosed where they come from to anyone. Rita hasn’t figured out exactly what to do, since Almas is a minor, but every attempt to locate or contact Almas’ parents has ended in abject failure. Maybe they don’t want to be found. Maybe someone doesn’t want them found. Rita can’t decide, and Almas seems to be fine on their own. They’ve taken a shine to Nisha and Ty, citing their “very lovely auras.” The pale at the sight of Nergüi. Oddly enough, the normally unflappable Nergüi does the same around Almas, causing them to avoid each other when possible.
All © SEM

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