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I draw what I draw what I draw.

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This is my picture collection! It's like a scrapbook except I forget what all I've faved since I've first started here...
  • Playing: Guild Wars 2, Fallout 4
  • Eating: An apple
I know I've been silent for a while but I've been a depressed sack of shit, so

My graduation ceremony is on the 21st of January in Leicester, and then I'll be returning to the States on the 30th as I've failed to find a job

My life is... sort of a mess right now so uh

Sorry for no art I just... haven't been drawing much lately

I honestly haven't been doing much of anything lately

Let's just leave it at that
My tumblog, SEM Rambles Here:

On the slab:
1. ??? Anything

My sister: :iconmusesnuzie:


Teela-B's Profile Picture
United States
I've got a bachelor's in geology and I'm certified in botanical illustration. I'm working on my master's in museum studies and I'd like to be a museum curator one day.


Caristania and Euryale by Teela-B
Caristania and Euryale

Here is a watercolor I spent too much time on and I don’t know if it’s the best but I think it’s the best I can do right now

Caristania and Euryale, my ele charr from GW2 and Euryale who is the remaining person from her warband and they are in love because I said so

I put Euryale into a modified version of the male charr wedding outfit because I thought it provided contrast and better emulated her outfit in-game honestly.

Anyway I’m glad this watercolor is out of my life I’ve spent far too long on it

GW2 and Euryale © Anet

Mother's Day Tulip by Teela-B
Mother's Day Tulip
For Mother's Day my dad wanted me to paint my mom a tulip, so I did

Digital Painting © SEM
Collected Doodles 17 April 2016 by Teela-B
Collected Doodles 17 April 2016
Various art pieces

The first one I really ought to have separated and maybe I will, anyway it was half of an art trade with EggHeadCheesyBird of his character Aergia

Then uuuhhh guildie's character sketch next to her

Loose sketch of some of my dolls next to a grizzled Kalani (I love and miss Kalani though it's fun playing a Rocker Girl but Kalani has a special place in my cold dark heart, read more about her here:… )

Joke about same guildie's character from above

Thekka's state of mind because in that RPG things are Great and Fine and Wonderful Why Do You Ask

A Possible Plan in said RPG 

Everything is Fine dot png

Been doodling more Gaem Stuff because well I've been doing a lot of RP lately but it's nice honestly it's nice
Radio Rachana by Teela-B
Radio Rachana
My friend is starting a Cyberpunk 2020 game, so here's my rockergirl character

I'm pretty excited for this game haha

FEMSLASH FEBRAURY Daydream Shimmer/Midnight Sparkle

 If I just shamelessly reference a pose from Utena it’s like I’m doing Utena art right

I modified Twilight Sparkle’s/Midnight Sparkle’s outfit and wings to signify that she’s not like… evil or whatever haha. Sort of like how Sunset Shimmer/Daydream Shimmer isn’t a harpy demon anymore! It makes sense to me.

Listen I just wanted to draw magical girls and also these folks okay


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